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Monday, October 4, 2004

Another Apple reseller bites the dust

By AppleInsider Staff

Published: 12:00 PM EST

Following an unfortunate turn of events, a longtime Apple reseller has decided to call it quits.

After gracefully serving the Macintosh community for the past 11 years, Apple reseller and specialist, The Mac Store, has closed its doors for the last time.

In message published on its website, the Cooper City, Fl.-based reseller cited a slow economy, recent hurricanes, break-ins, and a lack of Power Macs and iMacs as some of the factors that contributed to its demise.

"For the last 11 years, our customers have allowed me, and my staff to enter their personal lives and business," said Mac Store president Joel Lukacher. "Words cannot express how we will miss you all."

In addition to acting as a reseller of Macintosh products, the Mac Store was also listed as an authorized Apple Specialist--an honorable rating granted to resellers who share the highest commitment to the success of Apple's Macintosh operating system, the Macintosh computing platform and its surrounding products.

In September a team of 6 thieves used a car and a rope to yank the front door off the computer store. With hurricane Frances less than 24 hours away, the store's inventory had been wrapped in plastic and stored high as a safety precaution. As a result, the thieves were unable to locate the merchandise, and left empty-handed. Unfortunately, the store sustained considerable damage as a result of the break-in, which insurance did not fully cover.
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